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The (Hidden) Power of Email Marketing

Traditional marketing is a form of conventional marketing that was used before the internet era. This includes TV, radio, news ads, and flyers. Targeted marketing (1) identifies an audience likely to buy services or products and (2) promotes those services or products to that audience.

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Seminar Preparation Checklist – Updated

The key to a successful seminar presentation is preparation.

There is nothing worse than turning up to a location and finding that you have forgotten a key piece of equipment or that there is no internet access when you need it. Your attendees have given up their valuable time and expect to see a professional and slick presentation. Or at least what you promised.

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Email Pre-Flight Checklist

We know you’ve got a lot riding on your holiday email strategy and it’s easy for the dreaded send anxiety to creep in.

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10 Website Optimization Tips

Are you happy with your website? Are you satisfied with its performance and the way to benefits your business? Are you aware of the latest developments and upgrades from Google and Facebook?

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GDPR: What it is, How it Affects You, and What We’re Doing

Here at Market 2 All, we are aware of GDPR and how it affects you if you are sending email marketing to residents of the European Union (EU). Stay onside of the new laws.

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