We’ve waited a long time to be able to tell you this.

Email campaigns created and sent with the Market 2 All Email Builder now render beautifully across all major mobile devices and clients, including the Gmail and Yahoo! Mail apps on Android and iOS.

In today’s mobile-driven world, 53% of email marketing campaigns are opened on mobile devices. Your subscribers expect your emails to look great wherever they open them. As a marketer, you need a way to build an email campaign once and have it display beautifully on both desktop and mobile. And now, with our Email Builder, you finally do.

The templates we offer in our Email Builder have always been responsive, strictly speaking.

When they’re viewed on small screens, we use what’s known as media queries to change how the emails look, making them fit nicely on the screen as a single column mobile version. And any images you add have fluid sizes, so they’re never too big to fit in their column. Open your email in the iPhone Mail app, and you will behold a perfectly mobile optimized design.

The Trouble with Gmail

Many popular email clients lack support for the media queries and other features needed for the responsive techniques used by ourselves and other email service providers. So when an email is opened in mobile apps like Gmail, Inbox, or Yahoo! Mail, the subscriber doesn’t see the intended mobile version.

Gmail Android before after

We believe this update will translate into higher levels of engagement and improved performance in each new campaign that you or your clients send.

A Better Experience for your Subscribers

What this all means is that all of the email marketing campaigns you create using the Market 2 All Email Builder are optimized for every major mobile email client, including the Gmail app, Inbox app, and Mail on Android. This means your subscribers will have an easier time reading your messages, seeing your images, and clicking your call to action buttons.

This all results in additional conversions and revenue for your business.