Have you considered outsourcing your online marketing, in particular your email marketing? Wait – are you currently using emails as a way to keep your name in front of customers and prospects?

Before we talk about why outsourcing is a benefit to your business, let’s first talk about why you should be creating an email marketing strategy.

1. Help people remember your name

If you have been marketing your business and products for a while, you have certainly learned that it costs less to market to an existing customer than it does to gain a new customer. Why is that? Well, the current customer is familiar with your business, your product, your quality and the value. You don’t have to sell them on using your products. You just need to gently remind them about your company to spur on additional purchases.

Keeping your name in front of prospects also helps remind them they need you. As part of an email marketing campaign I emailed a client that I hadn’t heard from in a while and they responded:

“Oh, my gosh, I’ve been thinking about you. I need …”

Sometimes people just need to be reminded that they need you.

2. Make it easy to do business

The Smartphone and the consumer obsession with Instagram and Snapchat have created an environment where business leaders feel the need to be all over social media. However, here is the difference between social media and email marketing.

  • Social media requires consumers FIND YOU
  • Email marketing involves you CONTACTING THEM after they have ASKED TO HEAR from you

There is a big difference between these two.

Email marketing makes it easy for consumers because—after they have been added to your subscriber list with either implied or express consent (according to the laws)—your message lands in their inbox and provides a message that may entice them to respond to your call to action. They don’t have to try and remember your web address. They don’t have to look up your email or try to remember your exact location. You just show up on their desk and they can decide what to do from there.

3. Provide value-based information

Your email marketing messages should provide information that the consumer can use. For example, if you are an accountant, your email marketing message might be an explanation of the tax changes for the New Year or ways to help your college student create a credit history. Landscapers can provide information about ways to fertilize plants without chemicals or get rid of ants using eco-friendly solutions.

Providing value-based information in your email marketing messages will help to demonstrate your expertise in the industry. Emailing articles that provide tips and suggestions that consumers can use right away is also a benefit. Before long, consumers will look forward to your email marketing messages for the information they provide.

4. Call to action drives traffic

Although the bulk of your email marketing newsletter should be information the consumer can use, you will want to include a call to action. The call to action might be a link to your website or a form to fill out to receive information or merely the request to call. Make sure your message has some call to action so the consumer knows what action you’d like them to take.

One idea for a call to action is a request that the reader share the newsletter on Facebook or to email their friends. This is a great way to increase the number of people who read your email.

Those are just a few benefits of an email marketing campaign. Oh wait, there is also:

  • Opportunity to share new product information
  • Invitations to in-person events
  • Sharing news of a new employee or a new manufacturer
  • Announcement of company news; new hires, new location, new vendor, winning an award
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Videos of your products in use
  • Customer testimonies

Now that you are thoroughly convinced of the value of an email marketing campaign and you know that you must have one; what is the…

Number One Reason to Outsource Your Email Marketing?

 You don’t have to do it! 
  • You know you need it.
  • You know you want it.
  • You also know you just don’t have the time and frankly…
  • You don’t know how.

Rather than try to figure out how to set up an account, design a template or create a schedule; why not partner with an experienced professional?

Our online marketing specialists use an exclusive email marketing tool, which takes the guess work out of marketing to your prospects. Our unique email marketing program takes the place of MailChimp, Aweber and Constant Contact, and is easy to use.

However, when you outsource your email marketing efforts – it doesn’t matter, because we’ll do the work, using our email program, for you!

We know how to do email marketing using our tool so our results are likely to be better than yours. Outsourcing your email marketing also means:

  • The initial set-up and email upload is handled for you
  • We provide a selection of templates that incorporate your logo and company colors
  • We create an editorial calendar so that you know when the email will go out
  • The timing of your emails will be consistent each time
  • We provide reports that include information about how many opened your message, click through-rate and key words
  • We’ll help you analyze the data
  • We can create experimental emails where we test different subject lines, days of the week and times of the day to find the best pattern for your consumers
  • It gets done!

Our Services and Pricing

Not only will we create your first campaign for free but we’ll make sure each campaign is done correctly and goes out on time. You pre-approve every campaign, giving you peace of mind.

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