Marketing Plan for 2024

Planning for a year ahead can be daunting, especially when you don’t know what your marketing is going to be from month to month. You have website, social media, pay-per-click, website, email newsletters, all working in sync to build your business.

Email Newsletter Marketing

When you sign up online to start email marketing, you are usually left to your own devices to make it work. We work differently. We get you started in a number of ways at no cost to you. This includes:

  • Account creation: free
  • We authenticate* your sending email address (require DNS access): free
  • Add SUBSCRIBE button to website: free
  • We create your template to match your styles: free
  • We create your first email campaign with provided content and images: free (you only pay for delivery, based on total subscribers)
  • Copy the first and start to create your own email campaigns: free**
  • Helpful advice and guidance from us to you: free

* This helps to get your email through more spam filters
** We can do this for you for $50 per email campaign

1. Set a Schedule

Be consistent. If you stop, people soon forget about you.

Add a repeating reminder event to your calendar (Google Calendar, Apple’s iCal), which reminds you in advance to create your campaign or contact us so we can do it for you.

Email plan

We’ll even put you on a monthly plan so you can send many campaigns for one price.

2. Match your Brand

Using our tools and templates, make sure it’s all matched up to your brand, colors and layout.

Campaign gallery

3. Learn How to Use the Editor

Campaign builder

Our drag-and-drop editor has improved dramatically in the past year, adding a whole slew of new features to our Email Builder:

  1. Create a series of “drip” emails after someone signs up (called a “Journey”)
  2. Adjust pixel spacing around your logo
  3. Pixel-perfect layouts in 1-, 2-, and 3-column blocks
  4. Hide and show news items for specific lists
  5. More web-safe fonts to choose from
  6. Change colours and font sizing on any element
  7. Add background images to news items
  8. Select from multiple languages within the template
  9. Duplicate any news item to create an exact copy
  10. Complete drag-and-drop features – build almost any layout

4. Make a Secret News Item

Create a news item then only show it to a single list. Cool and yet, smart.

News hide show

5. Keep Building your Lists (with Permission)

Building a healthy and engaged email list is the first step to successful email marketing.

  1. Add SUBSCRIBE button onto your website and customize landing pages, maybe give away a free download in the final confirmation email
  2. Add a Facebook SUBSCRIBE form – iI you are a Market 2 All customer, you can easily add a subscribe app to your Facebook page using our Facebook Subscribe Form
  3. Add the friendly HELLO BAR to your WordPress site
  4. Utilize Zapier to connect to existing tools
  5. Use SumoMe, a WordPress plugin that includes a handful of useful tools focused on building your email list
  6. Sniply is a tool that allows you to add a subscribe call to action to the top of any piece of content you share over social networks
  7. Pippity is a tool that allows you to add popups to your website. It has a number of advanced customization options that allow you to change almost everything about the popup, including text, fonts & colors allowing you to create completely unique popups that match your website’s branding
  8. PlugMatter is a tool that allows you to add a Feature Box to your WordPress-based website to capture email addresses from site visitors
  9. Once you have a business cards, get explicit permission via email to add them to your list (ask them when you get their card

6. Use your Segments and Custom Fields

Email reports can be very powerful. Create segments (small groups of subscribers) from those who opened the campaign or clicked a specific link to target them with a new message, specific to them.

Gather information about subscribers (gender, location) at signup them send them targeted information.

A Final Word

Make sure you have prior consent to send emails to people, either implied or express. A permission-based list is ALWAYS best.

With a good plan and new attitude, you can take your email marketing up a level and be in a better place this time next year, ready for the new year!

Paul Mycroft

Having emigrated from south London, England, Paul has moved between cities in North America, building a loyal following since starting the business back in 2002. Many US and Canadian clients are with him today who were there from day one.