What? No Time Zones?

There are a variety of factors that determine how well an email campaign will perform. Opens, clicks, and engagement are directly related to the email’s subject line, its content, personalization, From Name and so on. But perhaps one of the most influential factors is the time the email is sent:

Studies show that 23% of all email opens occur within the first hour of delivery; within the second hour, opens drop by half.

We all know that our world has time zones based on Greenwich Mean Time in London.

Time zones zero

Imagine a world with no time zones when everyone reads your email at 7 a.m.

Time zones zero

Time Zone Sending

We’re thrilled to announce Time Zone Sending, the ability for our customers to send campaigns based on their subscribers’ time zone.

How does Time Zone Sending work?

Normally, you schedule an email campaign for a delivery at 7 a.m. PST but that is 4 a.m. EST and 3 p.m. GMT, the middle of the afternoon in London. Forget Sydney as it’s 2 a.m. the next day!

Time Zone Sending works by delivering your email campaign at the time you specify for each time zone in which a subscriber resides. For example, a campaign scheduled to send at 7 a.m. will land in your New York audience’s inbox at 7 a.m., then 3 hours later in your San Francisco’s audience inbox at their 7 a.m., and then several hours later at Sydney’s 7 a.m. local time – and so on, around the globe.

This “ideal” time to send a campaign varies company to company and will depend on your audience, industry, and what you want your subscriber to do. For example, a retailer may want to announce a flash sale at 8 a.m. on a Friday, while a publisher may want to send an article in the evening when their audience has more time to engage with the content.

How can you get this?

Simply upgrade your monthly account to Unlimited or Premier.

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Paul Mycroft

Having emigrated from south London, England, Paul has moved between cities in North America, building a loyal following since starting the business back in 2002. Many US and Canadian clients are with him today who were there from day one.