Our Policy

At Market 2 All, our sending policies require all recipients to have subscribed within the last 12 months or have been emailed regularly since signup.

See our privacy policy » (section 3)

Sending to very old lists puts us at risk of blocklisting, due to sending to invalid data (bounces) and spamtraps.

Why it Matters

Sending email campaigns regularly according to your stated schedule–whether weekly, monthly, or quarterly—not only keeps you in the mind of your recipients but actually generates business!

  • Not a good schedule: January, April, May #1, May #2, November, November in the following year…
  • Not allowed schedule: January 2019, June 2020, March 2022
  • Great schedule: January, February, March, April, May, June…

How to Stay Onside

If you want to stay onside of our policy, all you have to do is send AT LEAST once a year on the same date that everyone is familiar with such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Easter.

That way, you can start sending more regularly without the need to re-engage your subscribers outside of the 12-month period.

Let us know if you have questions, need to re-engage, or want to get started.