We understand that a web project can be daunting and you are about to spend a lot of money. We came up with some questions and answers to help you better understand our process.

My website is down. My email is not working. What do I do?

If you have access, you can get in touch directly with your web or domain host. If you would like us to look into it and we have access, you can open a billable trouble ticket for $40 then every 15 minutes.

I have no domain name, where do I start?

You can either buy one now and wait or use it now with a website and email address. You will register one in the process to buy web hosting.

Where does a website live? Can you provide hosting?

A website lives on a server, which is called “web hosting”. We do not provide web hosting but are affiliated with both Canadian and US web hosts.

Why does a domain-based email account matter? Can I use my Gmail?

You can use Gmail/Shaw/Telus/Hotmail/Yahoo/AOL but you are missing out on a key branding opportunity on every email you send. Using a domain-based email can get through more spam filters and stays with you as long as you have a website.

Move from Shaw to Telus? You will have to start all over again.

Also, if you do email marketing, you’ll need an authenticated email address on your domain name to send out.

How much does a website cost?

We have been known to build sites for as low as $500 but that is rare and is usually for a local non-profit. Most of our sites range from $1,500 to $5,000 but that depends on features required, number of designs, extra items (e.g. logo), number of pages, and more.

What are your payment terms?

We usually require 40% to start, 30% to launch, then 30% +plus e”out of scope” items 14 days after launch.

How long does it take?

We usually allow 4-6 weeks but that depends on how quickly the client provides what we need.

Will my website work on smartphones and tablets as well?


Can you convert my website to WordPress?

Yes, we would set up a staging site to leave your site up then replace it when it goes live.

What type of clients will you work for? What size?

Most are small- to medium-sized businesses but we also work for individuals and non-profits.

What if I have no photography or imagery?

We either use Adobe Stock or can try and refer a local photographer.

Can you help me rank high in the search engines?

We can provide initial SEO (optimization of the website for key phrases most likely to help you rank favourably) then ongoing support if needed. We will also correctly install Google Analytics.

We never guarantee top spot in Google.

Why do I need a monthly care plan with a WordPress website?

Like any software, WordPress provides updates. If you do not make those updates each month, you leave your site open to hacking or malware. A WordPress care plan can help give you “peace of mind”, and maintain performance and load time.

Starting at $30/month.

What is not Included in a Care Plan?

We explain it here »

Are you available over the weekend?

As a general rule, no. We also do not reply to email over weekends unless it’s an emergency and weekend rates apply.

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