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“I’m amazed at your email system and service. The easy to use templates, meaningful campaign creation and problem-solving has led to effective and elevated email marketing.” ~ Donna Shaw, Live Edge Design

See our $49 setup package!

We provide an easy-to-use, professional-grade email marketing tool for businesses, non-profits and individuals across North America. With beautiful templates, completely customizable to match your brand, choose almost any layout and watch it convert seamlessly to a mobile layout! We even create your first campaign and are happy to be your support every step of the way!

Template gallery
Great templates, fully-customizable

3 Monthly Pricing Plans (with great features)

You can send “per campaign” for 3¢ per subscriber plus $5 per delivery (e.g. 100 subscribers = $8) or go with a monthly plan for more than one delivery (pricing depends on numbers of subscribers):

Campaign sends (emails) per monthUp to your send limitUnlimitedUnlimited
Journey (drip) emails per monthUp to your send limitUnlimitedUnlimited
RSS (blog) emails per monthUp to your send limitUnlimitedUnlimited
Design & spam testsUnlimitedUnlimited
Transactional emailUp to your send limitUp to 10x subscriber limitUp to 10x subscriber limit
Email builder countdown timers
(live, based on final time and date)
Local time zone sending
(sends at the same time across all zones)
Send time optimization
(sends to each subscriber based on their past behaviour)
Advanced link tracking
Email builder section locking
Engagement segments

Get Started – $49 Setup

To get you started:

Available in USA & Canadian dollars, British pounds, New Zealand & Australian dollars, or Euros.
  • Account creation
  • Authenticate sending email address (require DNS access)
  • Add SUBSCRIBE button or form (in-page and popup) to website
  • Create your branded template to match your website
  • Create your first email campaign
  • Segments and custom fields (gender, age, buying behaviour)
  • Create a “drip series with delays” (Journey, available on monthly)

We can switch you between monthly or “pay as you go” at any time if you have a quiet or busy period and want to save money.

Paid Services

  • We create every email campaign after the first: $49
  • Delivery plan can either be a choice of 3 monthly plans (cost based on needs/total subscribers/customers) or “pay as you go”!

Check out our dashboard and drag-and-drop editor in more detail:

Using MailChimp or Constant Contact and not happy with their pricing or service? We’ll switch you over and get you going.

Market 2 All is an amazing company that helps businesses make email newsletters look amazing and professional, with ease. I highly recommend using Market 2 All if you would like to increase business in the mobile/digital age!Sean Kogan, Hall of Frames
One of the best days in my business happened when I asked a friend if he knew of a marketing company that did great email advertising and he recommended Market 2 All. They have a great mind for design concept and putting together an advertising letter that works. We have been in business for 14 years and from the last email blast Market 2 All did for us, gave us the biggest sales day we have ever had! And all this for fees that are more than reasonable! Market 2 All has helped to make my business grow and I highly recommend them!Dom LoRiggio, Golden Touch Craps

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