There is a feature in WordPress that we feel has no use and causes a lot of problems for beginners and clients. It’s very important to be able to structure your content correctly with headlines, sub-headlines, and paragraphs so both web browsers and visitors understand how content is structured. But when WordPress is first used, those “tags” are not visible for some reason.

Welcome to the “Kitchen Sink”, the second-to-last icon in the first row above the editor.

Kitchen sink

Use it to show the second row of icons with… yes, you’ve guessed it… your headline tags! You’ll also get text underline (another option which could go away because it’s confusing to underline text when there is no link), text colors (the style sheet should take care of this, not the user), Paste from Word, custom characters, indenting, undo, and Help.

Kitchen sink

Now you should be all set to structure your content and give visual pleasure to your visitors.

And hey, if anyone knows why this feature exists, we are all ears.

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